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Human  Kindness  Project  is  a  very  young  program  developed   by  very  passionate people wishing  to  help  on  a  larger scale. Everyone  involved   in  our  projects  is  a volunteer,  and  100  percent  of   all   donations  are  used  for  humanitarian purposes.  We   have   already  established  trusted  partnerships  with  multiple  large  humanitarian organizations,  such  as UMCOR  and  IWH. While  we  are  still in an infant stage, we have already become very successful delivering over $1,000,000 worth  of  goods  to  Ukraine,  Moldova  and  other  countries  in  need.  Humanitarian  aid:  food,  clothes   for  orphans, beds for   IDPs,  medical   and   hospital  equipment,  etc.  helped   thousands   and   thousands   of   people   in  crisis.  We  greatly appreciate  continuous   support  of  all  our donors  and volunteers.  We would  not  be successful  without  you.  Thank  you!

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